115 pound extreme weight loss journey: introduction

Welcome to my weight loss journey this is jus the introduction stay tuned for weekly weigh ins and meal prep hope to see you guys along for my Journey
Ig: @ aleshanoble
Twitter: mz_noble
hair: http://uniquexpressions.bigcartel.com/ Malaysian loosecurly
Email: aleshatnoble@gmail.com


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  1. I'm on a journey too and I'm sharing on YouTube as well. girl you are brave, I teared up when you started talking about not having pictures and being uncomfortable. woo! you know I had to subscribe

  2. I'm so excited to see your journey!! Also, I don't know if anyone said this but you call the Fitbit customer service line and if you are under a year since purchase they will send you a new replacement for free!!
    Keep the videos coming! It encourages me that I'm not alone in this process.

  3. New subbie!!! I feel you 100% girl. I am currently on a journey to lose 60lbs so I'm excited that I found your channel because my thoughts & my story is very very similar. Check out my channel , we definitely can be in this together because you are NOT alone.. Goodluck girl!! ❤

  4. "Everything that tastes good is a carb." lol that quote made me laugh. We get BACON eating low carb 🙂 There's a plus side. I just feel so much better when I cut out carbs. I'm insulin resistant, though. Congrats on your weight loss journey starting! I know this is a few months old, but congrats anyway.

  5. FINALLY SOMEONE TO LOSE WEIGHT WITH!!!! no offense to the other videos or other people on their weight loss Journey but it's kind of hard when you show old videos and you say you can do it if I did it but with you we are doing it together thank you so much. I'm currently 255 and what to lose 100.

  6. WOW!! im looking im like i know her. 😄 im on my journey healthy better lifestyle. you can do it!! Are you never gonna start your company back up? God bless you.

  7. Thanks for sharing❣ have you heard of intermittent fasting? Dr Jason Fong helps us to understand soo much! Get a chance read or listen to Wheat Belly by i believe his name is Dr William Davis i hope.. Take care and work it on out💨

  8. I was gonna start a YouTube channel, but I'm too nervous 😬😬 I'm very outgoing, but talking in front of a camera… Nahhhh 😂😂 we got the same water bottle girl, but I'm ready now to start my weight loss journey 😍 good luck to you on this journey, I'll be staying tuned and hopefully getting some motivation from you throughout these next couple weeks until 2017 💕💙

  9. It's 1:36 in the morning and I ran across your channel! I'm the same way when you mentioned that you've always wanted to do youtube and that you were going to document your weight loss! I had this same Idea but I was so shy and nervous to pursue it but watching you I'm definitely going to give it a shot! Also what kind of camera do you use? Thanks and keep up the good work!


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