💚 Help! Eating Keto Increased My Cholesterol! (It’s OK, Here’s Why) 💚

Your doctor telling you that your cholesterol level has gone up can be scary. Your doctor telling you that you need to take a Statin for your cholesterol can be terrifying.

Let me calm your fears and tell you exactly what you should worry about with respect to the risk of heart attack and stroke. It’s not what you think, and it’s not what you’ve probably been told.

There is a huge paradigm shift in medicine and nutrition. We have all be tricked to fear saturated fat and cholesterol, and now we are slowly realizing that neither of these nutrients are dangerous.

Here are 3 books which will explain in detail the facts about cholesterol and saturated fat…
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Review Article: https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/6/6/e010401

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  1. Help help. My friend got hearth attack 5 days ago. Almost dead. I'm telling him to cut sugar 100% lower carbs, basically to do keto and intermittent fasting. His Triglycerides are 1000. His doctor said that he must not eat egg yoke and fat but giving him hospital meals with potato and rice. I'm afraid he's going to die. But his doctor persisted and will not take responsibility if my friend wouldn't take his advice. How can I convince my friend? Is Triglycerides are cholesterol? Looks like it indeed a marker for heart attack. His heart artery clogged up 80%. Is Triglycerides can be lowered with zero sugar and low carbs? My best friend life is on the stake here.

  2. Thank you dr kenDBerry! You’ve been a tremendous help in my life! thanks to your advice I lowered my triglycerides from 1,625
    To 162 … continue with what you doing … know that you are saving lives! Thank you dr Ken Berry … go keto!

  3. Good morning DR Ken,  I have a question.  I just recently had blood work done and my total cholesterol was around 380, my good cholesterol was at 70 and my quote on quote bad cholesterol was at 308, but my inflammation levels were at the very low end of the scale. So my Dr told me in one breath that I am low risk for heart disease because of the low inflammation but then she tells me I'm high risk for heart disease because of my cholesterol. She then tells me my blood pressure is real good 80 over 118 and my coraddid arteries sound real clear and my heart rate is good being in the 60's. So my question is ….is it bad that my LDL is at the 300 mark?
    Thank you for all that you do. God bless you and your family.

  4. The human body produces all the cholesterol it needs. The brain cannot
    use long-chain fatty acids for energy because they are completely
    albumin-bound and cannot cross the blood–brain barrier. Ketosis, is a
    sign of sickness caused by depleting liver glycogen (sugar) stores, in
    an attempt to survive. The bald, blind, deaf, and toothless eat Meat, Dairy,
    and Oil.

    The longest lived people eat a plant based diet; the Gladiators
    (hordearii – the barley men) ate a plant based diet; the fastest people
    on the face of the Earth eat a plant based diet.

    The State Sponsored Religions are Atheist and Theist, both opposite
    sides of the same coin, and both pitted against one another. You defend
    one of these fictional stories.
    Atheist – Evolution (theory) requires you to consume flesh and blood
    Theist – Creation (faith) gave you the animals for food

  5. Thank you for your video Dr. Berry.
    I’d love to see you have a chat on FB Live with Dan Quibell.
    He runs The Bacon Experiment, and is a Keto coach.
    A super nice guy!
    Gives lots of free advice, etc. Cares about group members.
    Dr. vs. Layman.
    Would be interesting to teach Dan some tools for his programs, etc.
    See if you agree with his keto philosophy, etc.
    Again, thank you for your insightful health information.

  6. Dr Berg
    I will be 71 soon. My A1C is 9. I hope I haven't started keto and intermittent fasting too late. A few years ago I was 5'10, 305 lb. Now I am 5'9", 265 and worried. My saving grace is I will only take metformin and Glu…that other rx. Have refused ton of other rx offered. Won't do routine colonoscopy or mamagram. After they did a bone scan my joints have never been the same.
    This is a week today starting keto diet first time. Not losing weight 😯. But going to keep trying until I get it right. Can't thank you enough. God bless you and your family.

  7. Hi Dr Berry. My mom’s doing well on keto so far. On statins still for her under active thyroid. Today, however she was given her blood results over the phone from her GP’s receptionist. She said everything came back good. Cholesterol 3.6. What does that mean? I don’t know how they got the number.

  8. We are all Lactose Intolerant, have high Cholesterol and Triglycerides in our family. There is a lot of hesitation to do Keto because of this. Also…it's my understanding that being in Ketosis is not something you want to do long term. So if you stop the Keto Diet, don't you gain all of the weight back that you lost???

  9. Went to the doctor yesterday kidneys good every thing else too just low potassium. And my doctor said only do keto for 3 months so I don’t stress my kidneys any suggestions been doing keto 3 months I don’t want to give up because of bad information other doctors give.

  10. I’ve been keto over a year but I still have issues with the HDL and triglycerides being in the abnormal range. These are still something that I need to worry about right? Not sure how to correct it. If you have any tips I’d love to hear them. I have hypothyroidism which doesn’t help. I’d like to hear a collaboration with you and Jimmy Moore. 😃

  11. Been on Keto for a year this past November, lost 30 lbs. went to my Breast Cancer Dr ( been Cancer free for 3 years)
    She always does a full lab work before she sees me.. My total cholesterol was 423. She was so upset with me plus I had gained some wait back over Holidays but have already loss all of it..

  12. So my LDL cholesterol is 7.8. Is ketogenic diet okay for me? Specialists physician told me to go on a diet to lower cholesterol. Guess what, the diet is loaded with carbs and has sugar.


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